15 Most Instagramable Cafes in Bali you need to visit!

15 Most Instagramable Cafes in Bali you need to visit!

Bali is one of the hottest Instagramable destinations in South East Asia. Beautiful waterfalls, white sandy beaches, Insta famous temples and finally, and the most Instagramable cafes in Bali.

Bali’s food scene can compete with that of any other part of the world.

These cafes or restaurants serve some of the most mouth-watering and unique food available on the planet. We’re talking about Acai Berry bowls, vegan ice cream, the most valuable coffee in the world and desserts that might give a tough fight to the ones in Paris.

Along with the food, what makes the café culture of Bali so irresistible is the set up. There are restaurants that have vintage gypsy caravans, beautiful wall murals, American style diner set ups and even swim up bars!

We spent Two Weeks in Bali and exploring its café culture was one of the highlights of our trip to Bali. 

A lot of our followers on Instagram asked us about the places which we mentioned in our stories. To satiate their (and presumably your) curiosity, we’ve put together this list that’ll make your Instagram feed the talk of the town. 

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Instagramable Cafes in Bali No. 1: KYND Community

KYND Community is one of the Best Vegetarian Cafes in Seminyak. Its Insta famous pink walls make an amazing backdrop for your next Instagram post and if you order a smoothie bowl, they’ll spell your name on it with fruit! The décor and the food, will make your Instagram feed pop!

Instagramable Cafes in Bali No. 2: Sea circus

Despite being old, Sea Circus has been alluring tourists to pose in front of its rainbow colored façade for years! If you think that the exterior is beautiful, go in and you’ll be amazed by the quirky interiors, the fresh breakfast specials and some Instaworthy desserts!

Instagramable Cafes in Bali No. 3: Neon Palms

Right next door to Sea Circus, is its sister café, Neon Palms. The cute pink bench outside, along a tropical façade, the beautiful jungle themed murals and vibrant food, make it one of the most Instagrammable cafes in Bali.

Instagramable Cafes in Bali No. 4: Pablo’s, Canggu

instagramable cafes in bali
The Iconic Mosaic Stairs of Pablo’s Canggu Cafe and Bar

With colorful mosaics on the stairs of the entrance, brightly coloured walls and paintings of Pablo Escobar – Pablo’s is a Colombian themed restaurant inspired by the cafes in the streets of Medellin where Pablo Escobar used to live. Don’t worry, this instaworthy cafe is in no way related to the former drug lord, but you can get some pretty unique snaps in this place. Also, after sun down, this chic cafe becomes a happening bar serving some amazing cocktails.

Instagramable Cafes in Bali No. 5: La Laguna

instagramable cafes in bali
Gypsy Caravans in La Laguna

Find yourself in the world of gypsies when you visit this beach side paradise. They’ve built a long bridge that leads to the lagoon and the area is lined with decorated caravans and old colourful wagons. The restaurant is one of the few places in Bali that adds a boho vibe to your trip and to your Instagram.

Instagramable Cafes in Bali No. 6: La Brissa

Located in a coconut grove by the beach, La Brissa is another chic, bohemian stlyed Instaworthy restaurant in Bali. It has a laidback fisherman’s shack kind of vibe and has colourful bean bags placed on the seaside wooden deck, long wooden boats as sofas and glass bottles hanging from the top for lighting! No wonder it has become one of our favourite spots in Bali.

Instagramable Cafes in Bali No. 7: Folk pool and gardens

A swim up bar, daybeds and teepees with direct access to the pool and an ambience that’ll soothe your senses after visiting the nearby monkey forest-Folk pool and gardens is a must while visiting Ubud. If you are there during the dry months, head there at night to catch a movie in their open air theatre under some fairy lights.

Instagramable Cafes in Bali No. 8: Clear Café

There is something really endearing about this cafe and spa located in the centre of Ubud. Every day they word a life lesson on their wooden stairs with marigold flowers and that definitely makes for an epic Instagram snap! The cafe is also one of the best restaurants in Bali that have vegan options and the food is as photogenic as the interiors.

Instagramable Cafes in Bali No. 9: Coffee cartel

Coffee Cartel in Seminyak is an Instagrammer’s dream. The interior of the cafe is quite underwhelming, but the cactus mural in the backyard and the seating in the patio make for some awesome pictures! Get a snap of your name printed on your coffee or add some colour to your Insta feed by ordering a pink beet root latte or a yellow turmeric latte! 

Instagramable Cafes in Bali No. 10: Sea Breeze- Nusa Ceningan

A family owned restaurant in Nusa Ceningan, this seaside beach shack is located just 500m from the famous Yellow Bridge. The white décor complements the white sandy beach and the turquoise waters. Bean bags, cane swings, colorful wall art and hammock beds make this the most photogenic cafe on the island. You can make a day trip to Nusa Ceningan from Bali and also if you’re staying in Nusa Penida like we did.

Instagramable Cafes in Bali No. 11: Cosmic Diner

Head back to the sixties with this all american diner. Bright red booths, checkered floors and the disco music they play will take you straight back to the era of Elvis. A couple of pictures will add a certain retro vibe to your Instagram.

Instagramable Cafes in Bali No. 12: Angelita Patisserie and Tea Salon

Looking for a perfect combination of classy and cute? Head to Angelita Patisserie and Tea Salon for a remarkable afternoon tea experience. The entire table set up paired with the pastel walls, makes it a must visit not just for great Insta posts but also for a rare English tea experience in Bali.

Instagramable Cafes in Bali No. 13: Mad Pops

One of the biggest rage on Instagram these days is the picture of a gelato in your hand and a cool backdrop to go with it. Mad Pops gives you both. Choose from their wide variety of colourful ice creams and take a picture against its iconic “Ice Ice Baby” wall art to add that “pop” to your Instagram.

Instagramable Cafes in Bali No. 14: Café Organic

A go-to place for vegans and vegetarians, Cafe Organic along with its distressed whites and woody interiors adds a Scandinavian touch to the cafe landscape of Bali. Whether it’s the bohemian white swings , the soothing flora in the cafe, the marble table tops or the “Garden Gangsta” Mural, Cafe organic is designed for the ‘gram. But the best picture you’ll click here will become one of your favorites from your trip to Bali-a smoothie bowl served in a coconut!

Instagramable Cafes in Bali No. 15: Motel Mexicola

Motel Mexicola is one of the most happening restaurants/clubs in Seminyak. The interiors look vintage and colourful in the day and at night, the central courtyard (covered in beautiful vines) becomes the most happening spot in town. Every hour or so, the staff gets up on the stage and performs an iconic dance number (like YMCA) . Join them and make sure you record it as this will add a zing to your Instagram stories!

How many of these Insta-worthy cafes in Bali have you visited? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments or connect with us on our Instagram page – worldwidewander_org!

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