11 Amazing Mcleodganj Restaurants You Need To Visit

11 Amazing Mcleodganj Restaurants You Need To Visit

Mcleodganj is one of the most sought after Himalayan destinations for backpackers as well as families. The hill station has an old world charm with its natural beauty and age old buildings. And while a lot of Mcleodganj Restaurants have sprouted up recently due to commercialization, it’s difficult to distinguish the good ones from the tourist traps. 

While the majority of restaurants in this list involve Tibetan cuisines, we found a lot of them offering various Asian and European cuisines as well. Therefore, we have curated this little list of restaurants in Mcleodganj that you need to try at least once during your trip.

Please note that these are the places that we visited and liked the most from our recent trip to Mcleodganj. If we missed any, feel free to add them to the list!

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Mcleodganj Restaurants : Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen

Mcleodganj Restaurants - Jimmy's Italian Kitchen

Cuisine: Italian, Desserts, Coffee

Cost for Two: Rs. 800 without Alcohol

Recommended Dishes: Peri peri pizza, Cappuccino, Chocolate Mouse

Jimmy’s Italian kitchen is the most popular restaurant in Mcleodganj, and for good reason! The ambience, the the décor, the views and the food!

As the name suggests, it mainly serves only Italian fare but in the morning, you can get a pretty amazing English Breakfast as well!

Mcleodganj Restaurants : Nick’s Italian kitchen

Mcleodganj Restaurants - Nick's Italian Kitchen
Ravioli at Nick’s is a must have!

Cuisine: Italian, Desserts, Tibetan

Cost for Two: Rs. 600

Recommended Dishes: Ravioli, Pie

Nick’s Italian Kitchen is a more budget friendly option when it comes to great Italian food in Mcleodganj. They also have a beautiful open terrace overlooking the mountains that just adds to the setting. It also has a good collection of books you can read while enjoying your coffee.

Mcleodganj Restaurants : Lung Ta Japanese Restaurant

Mcleodganj Restaurants - Lung Ta Japanese Restaurant
The Sushi Set Meal and Okonomiyaki at Lung Ta

Cuisine: Japanese

Cost for Two: Rs. 400

Recommended Dishes: Sushi, Okonomiyaki

Authentic Japanese cuisine is in general a rarity in India. So, when we came across this little restaurant in Mcleodganj, we were pleasantly surprised. The taste does need a little getting used to as the food is not “Indianized”. They have a different set menu everyday and we recommend going on Tuesdays and Fridays as those are “Sushi Days”.

Mcleodganj Restaurants : Crepe Pancake Hut

Mcleodganj Restaurants - Crepe Pancake Hut
The Shakshuka at Crepe Pancake Hut

Cuisine: Breakfast, Desserts

Cost for Two: Rs. 400 with coffee

Recommended Dishes: Shakshuka, Crepes, Almond Milk Smoothies

A small family run establishment (like most of the restaurants in Mcleodganj), this cafe is a little hard to find. The place makes amazing Shakshuka, an egg dish that you shall absolutely love. The service is a little slow, so make sure you go there when you have some leisure time available.

Mcleodganj Restaurants : Jimmy’s Asian Kitchen

Mcleodganj Restaurants - Jimmy's Asian Kitchen
The Khow Suey at Jimmy’s Asian Kitchen!

Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Burmese, Tibetan, Vietnamese

Cost for Two: Rs. 1,000 

Recommended Dishes: Khow Suey, Dumplings, Maki rolls

Jimmy’s Asian kitchen is the most sought after Mcleodganj restaurant that serves cuisine from almost all Asian countries. You can get Burmese Khow Suey, Chinese Dumplings, Vietnamese Pho, Singaporean Laksa, Tibetan momos, you name the dish you shall find it on the menu! The seating is in a beautiful patio garden giving it a Japanese zen garden vibes.

Mcleodganj Restaurants : Sarang Café

Mcleodganj Restaurants - Sarang Cafe
Kimbap is a fan favorite at Sarang’s cafe

Cuisine: Korean

Cost for Two: Rs. 800

Recommended Dishes: Bibimbap, Kimbap, Korean Corndog

Located just opposite Jimmy’s Asian Kitchen, is Sarang Café. While the selection of cuisines is not as vast as its front door neighbor, this unique Mcleodganj restaurant serves one of the best Bibimbap i have tried in my life. The overall cost of food is pretty reasonable considering the quality and the ambience is great with outdoor seating and dim lights.

Mcleodganj Restaurants : Tibet Kitchen

Mcleodganj Restaurants - Tibet Kitchen
A Tibetan Staple – The Soul Embracing Thukpa!

Cuisine: Tibetan

Cost for Two: Rs. 700

Recommended Dishes: Tibetan Thali, Thukpa, Momos

This apparently small looking restaurant in Mcleodganj is actually spread across three floors near the main square. While the restaurant has become multi cuisine over the years its main offering, as the name suggests, is Tibetan.

They’ve come up with a pretty good solution in the form of Tibetan Thali, if you wish to try different dishes without having to buy everything individually.

Mcleodganj Restaurants : Peace Coffee House

Mcleodganj Restaurants - Peace Coffee
Our Go to place for Coffee and Eggs in the morning – Peace Café

Cuisine: Coffee, Breakfast

Cost for Two: Rs. 400 with coffee

Recommended Dishes: All the omelet options and all the coffee options

Peace Coffee house was a place that we just happened to bump in to because everything else was closed early in the morning. 

The place in Mcleodganj square serves probably the best coffee in town and the omelets here are second to none. It also serves pancakes and waffles and muesli but we recommend you to stick to the mix or spinach cheese omelets.

The staff is super friendly and professional and the cafe has an amazing balcony where you can sit and enjoy the views of the valley as you sip your coffee.

Mcleodganj Restaurants : Four Seasons Café

Mcleodganj Restaurants - Four Seasons Cafe
Go for Crepes and Pancake for Breakfast at Four Seasons Café

Cuisine: Tibetan, Pancakes, Coffee

Cost for Two: Rs. 400

Recommended Dishes: Momos, Thentuk, Thukpa

This quaint little family run cafe in Mcleodganj is situated in the middle of the market. 

Everything is prepared fresh and tastes delicious. This Mcleodganj restaurant serves amazing Tibetan fare but is also one of the go-to places for having pancakes and coffee in the morning. The place is small and can accommodate no more than 25 people. Hence, make a prior reservation if you’re a big group.

Mcleodganj Restaurants : Takhyil Peace Café

Mcleodganj Restaurants - Takhyil Peace Cafe
The Chow Mein at Takhyil Café is a work of art

Cuisine: Tibetan Fusion

Cost for Two: Rs. 300

Recommended Dishes: Thentuk, Cheese Thukpa

This little family run cafe in Mcleodganj has the warmest hospitality as the owner himself comes to take your order and even makes recommendations if you’re confused by the plethora of options. The portions are large which intern brings down the cost. Highly recommended.

Mcleodganj Restaurants : Moon Peak Deli

Mcleodganj Restaurants - Moon peak Cafe
Carrot Cakes and freshly baked breads at Moon Peak Café

Cuisine: Himachali, Breakfast

Cost for Two: Rs. 700

Recommended Dishes: Himachali Thali, Curries, Breads, Carrot Cake

If you’re looking for some Himachali food after all the multiple cuisines you have tried in the many restaurants of Mcleodganj, Moon Peak Deli is the place. You can check out their website here.

We’re vegetarians but our meat-eating friends absolutely loved the different curries that the place offers. The staff is polite and the price is reasonable.

This was our list of our most favorite restaurants in Mcleodganj. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments or drop us a DM on our Instagram handle – @worldwidewander_org!

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